Slurry wall

Slurry wall | CrushMash


Slurry wall technique as a method of building foundations and erecting deep-laid constructions.


Slurry wall technique is one of the most advanced modern trends in construction nowadays. It is the technology that allows to build underground constructions in foundation pit. In fact, it is a narrow deep trench to be excavated under the layer of bentonite slurry serving as protection using bentonite clay followed by reinforcement cage mounting and concrete pouring.


Arrangement of slurry wall allows to excavate a trench even in densely built-up areas that are so common nowadays, as well as near the communication networks. It is often the only way to build underground architectural constructions when the other methods do not work. This method is perfect for renovating architectural monuments, developing underground areas below the groundwater level and constructing groundwater cutoffs as a part of hydroengineering facilities, as well as for building dams, dikes, bunkers, underground parkings and other underground facilities which require construction of deep-laid watertight walls.


CrushMash Group uses slurry wall technique for excavating trenches since it allows to enclose and develop a foundation pit as quick as possible. All the works are conducted using modern equipment such as lifting gears, excavation equipment and transport vehicles.