• Демонтаж на действующих предприятиях
  • Демонтаж особо опасных сооружений
  • Демонтаж высотных объектов
  • Реновация городских территорий
  • Устройство ограждения котлованов
  • Рециклинг строительных отходов
  • Парк собственной техники

Demolition works of any scale and complexity

About Us

CrushMash Group of Companies has been professionally engaged in dismantling of buildings and structures, excavation of pits, as well as environmental support participating in the renovation of urban and industrial areas since 2006.

CrushMash Group of Companies owns its own park consisting of more than 200 units of special-purpose machinery and equipment allowing to carry out works on dismantling and demolition of facilities of any complexity, as well as works for obstruction clearance and preparation of territories for future construction. The company has a range of excavators with a working radius from 15 to 45 meters, as well as the only destroyer in Russia a telescopic boom of which allows to carry out dismantling at the height up to 60 meters. Mobile crushing complexes of the company are able to process construction waste into secondary gravel for its further use.

Production staff of the company amounts to more than 150 highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the field of dismantling of buildings and structures.

CrushMash Group of Companies has vast experience in carrying out works on technically challenging and highly: dangerous facilities:

  • In restrained urban conditions;
  • When dismantling the facilities damaged due to accidents and emergency situations (fires, cracks, partial or substantial collapse of support structures, etc.);
  • In the territory of existing enterprises;
  • At sites of chemical and biological hazards;
  • Near the existing air and ground utility systems.

The application of modern technologies and existing experience have allowed CrushMash Group of Companies for 12 years of work to complete hundreds of projects successfully dismantling more than 6.5 million m3 of building structures. To prepare dozens of sites for future construction by developing and removing approximately 5 million m3 of soil. And capacities of the company allow to process more than 1 million m3 of construction waste per year.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Enhancing safety culture and occupational health & industrial safety management system is of prior importance for CrushMash Group of Companies, because the safety is one of key values among other business factors. No production, no time, no expenses may justify the risk to human life.

The corporative program of enhancing safety culture and occupational health & industrial safety management system adopted during the top management meeting on 30 March 2013 is aimed at improving protection of workers and developing new perspectives for the Company.

The Company successfully runs the integrated system of occupational health & industrial safety management system based on the best domestic and international practices and fully compliant with the existing Russian laws, as well as with Regulations of CrushMash Group of Companies for Occupational Health & Industrial Safety Policy.

We are represented all over Russia:
Saint Petersburg
Veliky Novgorod
Nizhny Novgorod