Demolition and Dismantling

Demolition and Dismantling | CrushMash


Demolition and dismantling of buildings and structures of different complexity is one of the core CrushMash activities. Dismantling falls into the high hazard category demanding fundamental and complex approach for successful execution.

Demolition and dismantling operations are divided into several stages. The preparatory stage includes the following actions:

  • Familiarizing with initial documentation
  • Examining engineering structures
  • Determining the scope of work
  • Selecting specialized equipment
  • Obtaining permits and conformations

Design documentation is developed and approved on the basis of obtained data:

  • Project Management Plan (PMP)
  • Project Execution Plan (PEP)
  • Flow charts

For dismantling the Company uses modern machines and applies advanced technologies, which allow executing work as fast as possible in effective and safe manner.

Special attention in dismantling is paid to saving surrounding infrastructure and careful attitude to natural environment. When demolition and dismantling operations are completed, the site is prepared for further use by:

  • Disposing of demolition waste
  • Recycling building refuse
  • Planning the construction site

CrushMash Group of Companies possesses the largest fleet of specialized vehicles and equipment which facilitate demolition and dismantling of buildings and structures of any complexity.