Environmental Control

Environmental Control | CrushMash

CrushMash Group of Companies renders services on integrated environmental control support for objects to be dismantled and constructed. The Company offers normative documentation development services and support in obtaining necessary conformations from state and supervisory bodies as well as waste removal and disposal services. The Company's employees have professional and ecological education and complete mandatory theoretical and practical training and skill upgrading as regard to changes of laws and regulations. The Company has implemented and maintains the effective environmental management system based on the requirements of international standard ISO 14001. CrushMash Group of Companies offers cooperation in environmental safety control, environmental legislation observance and environmental impact mitigation.

  • Arranging laboratory studies, obtaining expert advice and ecological monitoring
  • Developing required design documentation on environmental control and supporting the process of documentation approval by supervisory bodies
  • Quarter and annual reporting, prolongation of permits from supervisory bodies
  • Information and consulting services as regards to environmental control
  • Representation of environmental control organizations in supervisory bodies, support of organizations in the course of regulatory inspections